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Somebody better tell NBA All Star Game MVP Chris Paul to hide his son Little Chris, because The Boshman is coming!

The 2013 NBA All Star Game was more competitive than an NBA fan might expect, with the West outscoring the East, 143-138, in Houston on Sunday. Paul won the MVP honors with 20 points and 15 assists, but it was Lakers’ guard Kobe Bryant who helped wrap up the win by blocking Miami’s LeBron James twice in the waning minutes of the game. Lakers’ Nation’s Daniel Buerge asked LeBron about those blocks:

Ok. Moving right along…

The game was, as planned, more of an entertainment spectacle. In-game interviews were conducted by the sartorially special Craig Sager. Sager, the NBA’s Don Cherry, wore a coat with a pattern that looked like a bullfighter got into a fight with some 1970s paneling. Even Darryl Dawkins would take that piece to Goodwill…

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