Ya’ll ready for this?
Get down with the style
House on the ground
Please when I squeeze

Pump to your knees
Who wants to play?
I’m in here to stay
Ready to take you around the way

So get ready for this
Mind your own biz
Cause I invented the microphone biz
No need to sit, cause we’re 2 Unlimited

Ready, ready, ready for this
Feel the base, you just get closer
Be impressed by the words I chose of
Once again kickin’ it live

Doin’ everything yo just to survive
A wall to wall, I think I stand
Being on stage with a mic in my hand
Bustin’ it live to the crowd

The age is 20, I’m from the south
Be a part
Break my heart
Get ready for this

Mind your own biz
People in the front
Show me what you want
And I won’t give it in

Get ready for this
We’re 2 Unlimited
So people won’t you sit?
Movin’ up and down

Dancin’ on the ground
Feelin’ kinda free, security
House is style that moves you from the ground
House on the ground, bass in your face

Racin’ the place, no time to waste
Feelin’ hypnotised
I can see it in your eyes
Feelin’ kinda better

Put on your sweater
Feelin’ like a white
I think it doesn’t matter
Super, dope, def, and even outrageous

If I was an animal, they’d’ve kept me in cages
So get ready for this
Ya’ll ready for this?
Step back, relax, don’t you want to come in?

When I start rappin’ the girlies want to come in
Into my house, into my room
That’s the part where it goes “boom! boom!”
Name here is Ray, the group is 2 Unlimited

We’ve got a lot to say to you, ah yeah and your other crew, if it is
Dream, boom see boom


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