Like Myself

There’s this guy
It’s been a while since I’ve met him
It’s been a one sided thing
For as long as I remember
But maybe he looks at me
And stares away and I’m not sure how long this will take
I prayed every night for a sign that he loves me
Is it too cliche?
Yeah probably
Should I keep fighting?

I know I’m spending all my time on something
I might never have
And I give a damn about all his opinions
Even if I don’t want to
But before I want him to like me
I gotta like myself

I’m loosing myself for all of these thoughts
Is it too strange for a girl my age?
And I don’t wanna fight it anymore
But how can I say it?
Without him running away
But maybe if he does, he might not be the right one
And I”ll be the one to run
Should I still keep fighting?


I’m gonna put myself first, if you like it let me know
And if you don’t then let me go


But before I want them to like me
I gotta like myself.
I’m gonna love myself.