She’s taken my time
Convinced me she’s fine
But when she leaves, I’m not so sure
It’s always the same
She’s playing her game
And when she goes I feel to blame
Why won’t she say she needs me?
I know she’s not as strong as she seems
Why don’t I see her cry for help?
Why don’t I feel her cry for help?
Why don’t I hear her cry for help?
I wandered around
The streets of this town
Trying to find sense of it all
The rain on my face
It covers the trace
Of all the tears I’d had to waste
Why must we hide emotions?
Why must we never break down and cry?
All that I need is to cry for help
Somebody please hear me cry for help
All I can do is cry for help
No need to feel ashamed
Release the pain
Cry for help
Cry for help is all I need
All I
Compositores: Rick Astley / Rob Fisher